Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gimme More Place!!

Save me a space,bro!!

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What are you doing when having holiday at home?

Since I am a part time lecturer, I will have a very long vacation starting by early June. I have several plan including traveling. I will have a family travel to attend our family’s member wedding. But, I always know that I can not always have time to travel and there will be a time when I have to be in home and spend my holiday in home. The big question is, what will I do in home?

Being in home is a good choice for me since I have many plans to do. If traveling is a choice that spend my energy (but still fun  ), being in home give me a choice to do all activities planned in order to take rest and be relaxed. I always love reading books and having a holiday in home gives me enough time to read many book that I have not read because of being busy lately. There are Lovely Bones, Little Earthquake and other chicklits that will color my holiday.

Anyway, besides reading books, watching movie is always a good choice. I love spending time in theatre and also, purchase series of Korean dramas or US Top Series to be watched in marathon. I know that is not healthy because sometimes, I do not sleep 24 hours just to finish the series but, hey, we can go mad at holiday, right?

The new thing that I know lately is having good time with Herbal Incense. I find that it’s kinda cool and will always be in my list when I spend a holiday in home. There are many kinds of Herbal Incense and one of it is K2 incense. Right now, you must be asking what to do with that item but I find that it gives me an awesome relaxation in MY OWN HOME.

K2 incense has a good quality product and will not make you regret to purchase it. It has various choices to choose so you will not get bored with it. Just in case if you are thinking to buy k2 Incense right now, you will absolutely get a good discount for specific item/order.

K2 Incense will give you a calm feeling and you may use your K2 Incense time to evaluate what have you done in previous time and what to do to get better. The best case here, you can even do not think about anything so after the relaxation time, you may get a fresh brain to start the new day of your life. So, what are you doing when having holiday at home?