Saturday, March 29, 2008

Unique Movie : I'm Reed Fish

Reed Fish (Jay Baruchel) is a radio broadcaster in a small town who runs his job because he wants to keep his died father “alive”. Everybody in his town always compare him with his dad and always expect that Reed will be same like his father, who always help the people in the town if they have problems through broadcasting it in the radio. As the other part of his life, Reed has a very beautiful Fiancee, Kate (Alexis Bledel) who was his childhood friend that always force Reed to take their marriage ceremony seriously because Reed always acts like a kid. One day, Reed’s “perfect life” changes when his old friend, Jill, comes from the big city and suprisingly makes him falls in love. Now, how about his marriage with Kate? How Reed handle the hateness of the whole town because he cheats on Kate? What’s Unique about this movie? This is a unique movie because there is a movie inside the movie so, in this movie, there are two parts to be watched : Reed’s real life and Reed’s life which is made into the movie. For the first, I’ve got confused about this “movie inside movie” stuff but then, when I finally understood, this movie is pretty good enough because it teaches me about choosing something, not according to others’ voice but must be according to my own voice. see more unique movie previews !!