Sunday, March 30, 2008

Breaking Stories : Behind April Fool's Day

There are many stories which are believed as the beginning of April Fool's Day and these are some of them : 1st Story On the 13th century in England, there is a king who likes to walk on the main roads in his country. As a tradition, every road which has already passed by the King will be the public road so, to keep their road for themselves, Gotham people spread the fake news that their road has already fulled by the foolish people which makes the King commands one of his servants to check the truth of this news. As the servant arrives, he sees the “truth” that Gotham city included its road is fulled by foolish people so, he creates the report that makes the King does not want to walk on the road and announce that Gotham is a city of the foolish people, which makes the road keep being owned by Gothams. When they know about the announcement, Gothams celebrate their victory on the King and name that day as “April Fool's Day” 2nd story In 1564, King of France, Karel IX made a change to their calendar, from Rome Calendar to Anno Domini Calendar (which is used until now) which made his country will not celebrate a new year on April 1 but on January 1. Unfortumately, at that time, there is no television, radio and newspaper which makes the distribution of information run slowly and makes some of the citizens keep celebrating new year on April 1. These people then being laughed by the others and then, creates a habit to lie to the others on April 1. see more breaking stories !!