Saturday, August 15, 2009

How to watch movie in a new place?

Yeah...Yeah...talking about movie again. Mm...not about the movie actually, buat about my friend, Mike, a movie lover. I have a good time with him when he lived in my place but now he has moved to a new place. New place means new friend, new habit, new view, but there's something from Mike that will not change forever : New Hobby.

Mike is almost same with me : Movie FREAK.

The first thing he looked for when he arrived in a new place is television and he suddenly be mad since he found several bad channels with bad movies. So, he told about it to me and then I browsed the internet for the solution. Then, Yippe!! I found the solution : Direct TV with a sophisticated Satellite Directv will find the best TV programs for him. Hm...Seriously? I will learn from him and get all necessary information about TV programs in a new place from DirectTV as soon as I know that I will move.