Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Do You Have a Beautiful Car?

I have a cute boy-friend (he is just a friend) and I have to say that he is a playboy. For me, the love of his life is just his car. Everyday, he always treats his car. Almost all his money are spent just to beautify his car. When I ask him about this, he is just smiling and re-asks me, “ according to you, why the girls love me?”.

“Maybe because you are cute?”

He is just smiling and seeing his car,

“That’s because I have an AWESOME car”.

And now I can understand why most men love to beautify car than themselves. That is somehow they think that an awesome car will ease their way to get a beautiful girlfriend. Anyway, personally, I am not the one that will interested to a man just because of their money or car because I will fall in love to a man that I feel comfort with. However, just an old proverb say, “it’s better to kiss in Benz than in Taxi” *sigh*

So, if you have the same thought with my cute buddy, just give more attention to your car and do not forget to save your money. So, as my tips for you, just find auto accessories store that will give you so much facilities with minimum budget. Have fun!!