Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weird License Plate

There must be someone in this word who always want to be different with others. They need a different style, whether for themselves or even their cars. I have just seen one of the weirdest license plate because :

First, it is different from others. It is not empty white but it is written

Second, (that makes me think that it is weird), the owner clearly states that he is idiot.However, it is funny and it really entertains people behind them so, thanks to them for having personalised number plates.

I have a funny story about the plate. It is not about me, but my friend. I do not know how to ride car (I have learnt to drive and even got driving license but I am too afraid to ride it.sigh!) and she drives it to bring me going to department store.

As we talked in the car, I see something at the plate of the car in front us and asked her if she can read it because at that time, I felt that the letters are too small.

The fact is, she also can not read it so, she drives it closer and closer to read it and I must say that it is an embarrassing situation because both of us looked like police who tried to reach the criminal in front of us. Finally, we can read it and then feel satisfied because our curiosity is fulfilled. Sometimes we do something stupid in our life. Right?